After almost 2 decades in the dance music industry Mars is still recognized as a legendary figure in US electronic dance music history. Originally born in LA's west side, Mars moved to San Francisco and began making waves in the underground community in the early 90's. By 1994 Mars began throwing the first events in California dedicated exclusively to Trance music. These events known as "Frequency 8" helped pave the way for a West Coast Trance explosion, from new DJ's and event companies like Skills in SF, he inspired a generation of fans and future producers.
Early on in his career Mars took to the studio and was eventually invited to work alongside early influential European producers like Commander Tom, Nostrum, Captain Tinrib, Nuclear Hyde, Steve Baltes of Deep Voices, and Oliver Leib. He was later signed to one of Germany’s most infamous labels at the time, Noom Records as their first American artist.
Mars has since evolved from the early Cybertrance sound and gone on to produce two albums "Sonic Sunrise" and "Alienaided.” His last album expanded even further by working with Donald Glaude, the Jungle Brothers and George Clinton. Mars continues spreading his music by sticking to his roots of raising peoples frequencies with the power of sound.