Over the past several years, Michigan native Raphael Johnson AKA Spktrm has become widely acknowledged as one of the most upcoming producers in the American drum & bass scene. Following his debut release in 2006, he was picked up by some of the scene's heaviest hitters; including Dieselboy's Human Imprint Recordings, Evol Intent Recordings, Barcode Recordings, Gein's imprint, Habit Recordings, and New York based Guerilla Recordings among others; and a strong set of releases (both forthcoming and current) were signed immediately. Always evolving, Spktrm's sound has undoubtedly gone through quite the transformation. Today, his productions range from hard hitting, dancefloor steppers to dark, sinister broken beat chaos; and most recently his fascination with the fusion of harder drum & bass vibes with elements of traditional funk and jazz. The only thing that surpasses his production style in diversity is his live shows. Spktrm has been known to incorporate everything from the harshest of breaks and sub sonic basslines to the smooth, airy sounds of soul infused liquid drum & bass into his sets. Through constant and tireless work, Spktrm is rapidly making a well established name for himself, and is an act not to be missed.