“I specialize in living life to the fullest and BURNIN’ THE DAMN ROOF DOWN!!!

My LIFE is all about rockin’ mics in front of wild crowds and I’m extremely lucky to LOVE what I do. I spit to Hip Hop/Rock/DNB/Electro/Anything buckwild!!!… I was born and raised in LA — Philly is where I call home. I perform on nation-wide tours sponsored by companies like SONY Playstation, DC SHOES, URB Magazine, HOUSE of BLUES, SALEM Cigarettes, RINSE Magazine, etc .I am very fortunate to be an internationally traveling MC and to have seen the WORLD many times over.

I’ve performed in Japan, South Africa, England, Austria, New Zealand, Serbia, South Korea, Holland, China, Macedonia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Australia, Costa Rica, Canada, Poland, Singapore, Hungary, Switzerland, Venezuela, Lithuania, Belgium, Taiwan, Estonia, and all over the United States in every major city… My agent is Division One Agency in NYC (part of William Morris Agency- one of the largest in the world)…. Aside from touring year-round with various DJ’s, The annual “PLANET OF THE DRUMS TOUR” (AK1200, Dieselboy, Dara, and myself) has been packing raves and selling out venues for 8 years plus. It is considered the most successful tour in Drum and Bass and it is the longest running electronic music tour EVER. It’s crazy where this music shit has taken me…I’ve performed at the Virgin Music Festival, Area 2 Tour (Moby, Busta Rhymes, David Bowie), Salem Tour (w/ The Roots, Outkast), Playstation 2 Tour, The Coachella Festival, The Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival at the Winter Music Conference- Miami, The Love Parade, The Bassrush festivals, Creamfields and countless huge festivals in Europe and abroad

I’ve been performing for huge crowds at raves and clubs before I was old enough to legally get into them… Aside from performing all over, I stay in my rhymebook and the studio CONSTANTLY. I’ve had my music in video games like Grand Taurismo 4 and also used for Skateboarding/ Snowboarding shows on cable networks like Fuel TV. I’ve also had my music featured in Philly’s notorious Rap Battle DVD’s ‘2 Raw 4 The Streets’ and the car street racing DVD ‘TORQUE Video Magazine’. I’ve performed live on the biggest radio stations from Johannesburg, South Africa to Eastern Europe to Tokyo, Japan. I also have done ghost writing for many artists.

I am extremely proud to have taught Hip Hop Music /Creative Writing classes at ‘Northeast Treatment Center’ Juvenile Detention facility in North Philadelphia. Those kids are the future of music - they have been through so much and turned their struggle and pain into creative wordplay and expression. One of the only downsides of becoming so busy with touring was having to stop teaching them. One of these days I’d like to build a center for kids on the street and hold classes to encourage creativity through Music, Writing, and Painting. I’m always taking my money and reinvesting it in my art form and other business ventures. I’d like to believe that I can change the world in a tremendous way if I work hard enough….it’s gotten me this far.

My main goal in life now is to change POP music as we know it… My music, my family, and my homies are my lifeline…There is nothing more important. I am a big fan of music that makes you move your ass. I am also a big fan of music that is provocative and makes you think. I love Hip Hop, Rock and Roll, Pop, Soul, Electronic music, and everything in between. If we’re on the same page, then LET’S RIDE…”