Wolfie is one of the most recognized djs in Los Angeles. Depending on the
event, he spins funky house, breaks, and progressive. He spins regularly
at the top clubs in LA such as Spundae, Avalon, Key Club, Arena, The Music
Box as well as massive events such as:
Burning Man (30,000 people), Santa Monica Halloween (400,000 people),
Sunset Junction Fair (150,000 people), Electric Daisy Carnival (20,000
people), and many 1000 person desert parties and warehouse parties.

His musical talents are in demand up and down the west coast.
He spins frequently for Hipgenesis (LA), The Mutaytor, The Do Lab
events(LA), Sunset Promotions (S.F.), Sandcastle events (S.D.), Anon
Salon(S.F. and LA,), Dream Circus (LA), Liquid O (S.D.), Xara Dul Zura
(S.D.), Howl (Portland), Purple Turtle (S.D.), Singularity and Dark Skies (N.V.).