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Back in the day….His Dad was a vinyl junkie; his Mom was a DJ and helped
organize events in San Francisco. Naturally, Jeff was raised on vinyl
music at a very early age and became the neighborhood DJ in the mid 80’s.
As time progressed, the DJ dubbed as Simply Jeff became “Southern
California's Original Breakbeat Mogul” who is now known around the globe
as a DJ-Producer that displays an eclectic blend of dance music into a
well-rounded “Breakbeat Sound” that easily blends with any genre intoday’s club land.

After the release of several DJ mix compilations and the success of his
original music productions in the mid 90s, Simply Jeff was recognized as a
pioneer of the "Funky Breaks” and “West Coast Breakbeat House Sound” in Simon Reynold's novel "Generation Ecstasy" and still remains a leaderproudly holding the flag.

Currently, Jeff is responsible for running the premier “West Coast Breaks”
label known as Phonomental Music as well as overseeing operations of his
acclaimed record shop called “DJ Culture” in Huntington Beach California
which is also the hub for his streaming mix show that he co-hosts on Simply Jeff is also a resident DJ on XM’s satellite
radio show known as Thump Funk on “The Move”(channel 80) mixing the top
Breakbeat tunes across North America. Jeff also stays true to his love of
performing in various clubs to major events around the globe and working
in the studio with some of today’s top Electronic Dance artists such as
Afrika Bambaataa, Uberzone, John Kelley, Etostone and DJ Aero of Tommy
Lee’s Method’s of Mayhem to name a few.

The History Of Simply Jeff…
In San Francisco, California before Jeff was conceived, his Mother helped
organized events and yes, she was a DJ as well! Jeff’s Dad also bought
more than his share of music back in the day. In Sacramento, California a
vinyl junkie was born. As Jeff was growing up his parents always found a
way to surround him around music from an early age. From organ lessons,
listening to DJs at the skating rink to his weekly dose of record shopping
with his parents at the local record shop. Jeff’s appetite for music grew
as he made tapes for all his friends in his neighborhood. This quickly led
Jeff to DJ at private parties, local break dance events to high school
dances. At the age of eighteen Jeff could be found spinning records for
top nightclubs as well as making guest appearances on the FM102 radio mix
show in Sacramento. By the age of 21, Jeff moved to Los Angeles and
attended the University Of Sound Arts in Hollywood, California. There his
taste of music production became reality. After graduating, Jeff attended
music business / marketing courses classes at UCLA while working at
Burbank based radio station KROQ FM. At KROQ, Jeff had the opportunity to
do special radio mega mixes and remixes for acts such as Depeche Mode,
Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, New Order to EMF. Jeff also found spare time to
intern at Capital Records and at CEMA Distribution in the alternative
marketing department. By 1991, Jeff received his first break in
Electronica on America’s first 24hr Techno and House station called “Mars
FM” based out of Santa Monica, California. Jeff was known as DJ Spinn
during this time and while at Mars FM, he worked on the air as a co-host
and mix show DJ on Swedish Egil's Mars FM Top 30 Countdown show mixing top
Techno dance tunes with DJ Robin. They had the top rated afternoon radio
show in the Los Angeles area during this time! Jeff was also working part
time for the West Coast branch of the Disco Mix Club (DMC), which spawn
the likes of Q-Bert, Babu, DJ Rectangle, DJ Craze to DJ Swamp. Soon after
Jeff a.k.a. DJ Spinn, obtained his first residency spinning records as
well as booking talent at The Palace nightclub (now known as Avalon)
located at Hollywood and Vine across the street from Capital Records.
After establishing his residency in 1991, the “Rave” scene exploded and
catapulted Jeff to larger events and clubs in the Southern California area
every week while at the same time, becoming one of the first recording
artist to sign to a major Electronica dance label called Moonshine Music
with studio partner Brian Ginsberg with a project they called X- Calibur.
X-Calibur’s first release on Moonshine was called “Love American Style”
and received much play on Mars FM and radio shows across the country. The
future looked bright for Jeff a.k.a. DJ Spinn in the early nineties until
the end of 1992. Mars FM sadly ended in late 1992, so did DJ Spinn. No
clubs would hire the defunct Mars FM DJ known as DJ Spinn because of no
affiliation with a popular mix show or radio station. It was time for Jeff
to turn over a new leaf in his career. DJ Spinn was now dubbed Simply
Jeff. In short, the new DJ name came from a statement that says: “Respect
Jeff for himself and his music, not for a popular radio station or affiliations”.

In 1993, Jeff formed a record label called Orbit Transmission to release
more songs with Brian Ginsberg under the X-Calibur name. Jeff also put out
tracks with other artist such as the DJ’s Project (Brian Scott Ginsberg,
DJ Dan, "Scratch DJ" DJ Rectangle and Jeff himself), Neosouls, GTA,
Control-X, Mental Blox and the Bassbin Twins. In 1994, Jeff founded Dr.
Freecloud’s Mixing Lab (the record store) with then partners Ron Dedmon
and wife Helen Liang Dedmon. From 1994 to the year 2000, after a falling
out with the now ex-partners, Jeff then tried to take his mind off selling
records and continued on with his recording and DJ career.

From mix compilations on City of Angels, BML to Moonshine Music and his
newly formed record label, Phonomental Music. Jeff had time to explore
music in a different way and that’s through production. Multiple releases
on Phonomental Music and recording projects on various independent record
labels lead Jeff to dj gigs across the globe. From DJing at the MTV music
awards to rocking a 8 city tour through Germany with The Crystal Method
and Uberzone, Jeff still had the itch to open up a record shop again!
In 2002, Jeff returns to open up his 2nd record store called "DJ Culture"
in Costa Mesa, California with his new partners Russ Sakurai and John
Gavin. DJ Culture specializes in new and old 12" vinyl records for club
DJs as well as CDs, DJ equipment, accessories and more. Now being
acclaimed as the largest store for Breakbeat Music on the West Coast, DJ
Culture is quickly gaining respect for carrying a wide selection of all
other styles of dance music as well. DJ Culture attracts frequent visits
by some of the top DJs in the Electronic Dance business such as DJ Rap, DJ
Irene, Charles Feelgood, Donald Glaude, John Kelley, Swedish Egil, DJ Mea,
DJ Lynwood to Tommy Lee and DJ Aero. "DJ Culture" is also the home of the
weekly “Mix Show” with host Simply Jeff, Bryan Mizota and Rich who
showcase local to world-class talent, mixing the freshest releases and not
to forget, the show stopping interviews direct from the record shop to the

Simply Jeff, named pioneer for the "Funky Breaks / West Coast Breakbeat
House sound" by Simon Reynolds’s novel "Generation Ecstasy", as well as
working with some of today's top Electronica artist such as Afrika
Bambaataa, Uberzone, Elite Force, John Kelley, Donald Glaude, Etostone and
with many cross-over artist such as Andrew Dice Clay, Snoop Doggy Dog and
80's dance stars Newcleus, Freestyle to Stacy Q, Simply Jeff will always
keep it funky with a solid Breakbeat appeal.