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“ I planned each charted course; Each careful step along the byway, But
more, much more than this, I did it my way.” – Frank Sinatra & Sid Vicious

Both singer’s interpretations of the classic “My Way” convey heartfelt
emotions, but it’s not just the words but how they are performed that make
them both classic. Nothing could be more apt to demonstrate Colette’s
do-it-herself way of crafting a mesmerizing blend of vocal performance and
DJing. With each appearance, this artist creates a captivating, organic
warmth with her mezzo soprano voice. Colette’s impeccable performance
sense complements her programming ingenuity, allowing her to create the
perfect nest for her acrobatic, angelic vocals.

This sensibility has taken years to hone and Colette’s training has made
her an expert. While growing up in Chicago, she studied music and
performance. She discovered house music through the city’s progressive
radio shows. At 17, she grabbed a microphone and sang freestyle over her
DJ friends’ records.

“ It was fun but I didn’t want to sing too much because it was someone
else’s music. I didn’t know what they were going to play, it was all
freeform. That’s when I thought it would be easier if I DJ’ed myself. I
wanted to sing and have the music flow perfectly,” remembers Colette.
From that desire, Colette cultivated her vision to combine these
performance styles. Simultaneously attending college and maintaining her
voice training, Colette promoted and hosted events all over the city. This
immersion into the house clubs heightened her passion for the music. But
the decision to commit to DJing and singing didn’t happen until after her
performance as the contralto soloist for the annual performance of
Messiah. Colette threw off the classical confines and embraced the freedom
of house music.

Logically, Colette headed into the studio with her DJ/producer friends to
translate her vocal warmth to vinyl. Her first record with Mazi & Motion,
“ Moments of Epiphany,” was recorded in the old Red Nail loft that had been
previously occupied by another Chicago great…Derrick Carter. Her
subsequent collaborations included the tracky 12”s “Feel Da Music,” and
“ Keep On Groovin’,” with DJ Sneak for Strictly Rhythm. On “Try Her For
Love,” Colette again challenged tradition by resinging the song
differently for each mix by producers Angel Alanis, Johnny Fiasco, Cricco
Castelli, Alexi Delano and DJ Q.

However, it wasn’t until 1997 when Colette united with DJs Lady D, Heather
and Dayhota that she started to DJ publicly. Under the banner of
SuperJane, these four friends with a shared love for music made their
mark. SuperJane was the first female DJ collective and inspired numerous
groups throughout the country. While working at Gramaphone, the store
providing Chicago’s heartbeats, Colette focused on developing her music
collection…and became one of the store’s top customers. Her collection
grew to encompass all kinds of great music and her intertwined sets
spanned all genres.

As out of town promoters started calling, Colette favored the
all-inclusive genre of house music. Her sets range from instrumental,
techy tracks to deeply soulful songs. After a slew of mixtapes, Colette
recorded her first mixed CD, In the Sun, for Chicago-based Afterhours.
With a penchant for the upbeat, Colette unifies her records through the
warmth of her voice, powerful, rolling drums and distinctive bass lines.
From G. Flame to Underworld to Synthique and The GreensKeepers, Colette’s
programming is unmistakable.

At 25, Colette relocated to Los Angeles to escape Chicago’s legendarily
cold winters. So Cal’s nurturing sunshine worked quickly. After an A&R
scout watched Colette’s performance overwhelm a free Friday night party,
Nettwerk Records tapped Colette to put together a mixed CD. The resulting
Our Day, opens with Colette’s moody, captivating a capella and journeys
through her own productions as well as funkalicious tunes from Gene
Farris, Twenty Twelve and Rob Mello.

Colette expanded her musical horizons when she joined Kevin Dees (son of
the radio legend Rick Dees) as the host of the syndicated show Maximum
Rotation on KIIS Fm which ran for three years on air and online.

In 2003, Colette (along with Paul Van Dyk and Felix da Housecat) was
chosen to be the face and sound for Motorola’s worldwide campaign. She
also picked up Dancestar’s Breakthrough DJ award at the WMC. The following
year she would win Dancestar’s Best Song in a Commercial for Motorola.

For the last two years, Colette has been sequestered in studios in Chicago
and Los Angeles, collaborating with producers like Home & Garden,
Greenskeepers, and Kaskade on her debut artist album “Hypnotized”.

“ I’ve always loved a variety of music, but until this album have only
ventured in the dance realm. “Hypnotized” displays a wide range of sounds
from downtempo to house to pop. Eventually, I want to put together a
four-piece band and make this more than a dance record. I’m not trying to
step away from where I’ve been, but I am creating a bridge for myself to
expand musically.”

Wherever that leads, there is no doubt that Colette will be doing it her way.